Emily Poole
Huntley Project's Emily Poole (1) hits against Glasgow defenders Taylor Pederson (6) and Laura Ross (13).Photo by: Richie Melby
Alana Graves Macee Murphy
Huntley Project defenders Alana Graves (12) and Macee Murphy (5) block a Glasgow kill attempt.Photo by: Richie Melby
Alana Graves
Huntley Project's Alana Graves defends against Glasgow hitter Taylor Pederson.Photo by: Richie Melby
Kylie Reitz
Billings Central coach Kylie Reitz celebrates a Rams' point.Photo by: Richie Melby
Isabelle Erickson Maggie Todd
Billings Central's Isabelle Erickson (4) and Polson's Maggie Todd reach for a ball.Photo by: Richie Melby
Maria Stewart Cindy Gray
Billings Central's Maria Stewart (1) and Cindy Gray (9) block a Polson attempt.Photo by: Richie Melby
Kristina Schafer
Billings Central's Kristina Schafer records a kill in the state volleyball tournament against Polson.Photo by: Richie Melby
Ashley Obstar
Bozeman coach Ashley Obstar watches the Hawks' first-round match against Helena Capital.Photo by: Richie Melby
Dani Bartsch
Helena Capital hitter Dani Bartsch (17) records a kill against Bozeman.Photo by: Richie Melby
Josey Houser Kamryn Larson
Bozeman's Josey Houser (left) and Kamryn Larson (right) cheer on the Hawks during the first round.Photo by: Richie Melby
Audrey Hofer Paige Bartsch
Helena Capital defenders Audrey Hofer (1) and Paige Bartsch (21) block a Bozeman attempt.Photo by: Richie Melby
Ryann Eddins
Bozeman's Ryann Eddins hits past Helena Capital defenders.Photo by: Richie Melby
Rebecca Cleveland
Helena Capital coach Rebecca Cleveland smiles during a timeout huddle.Photo by: Richie Melby
Lindsey Paulson Brooke Schraner
Belt's Lindsey Paulson (left) and Brooke Schraner (right) apply pressure against Plentywood.Photo by: Richie Melby
Belt cheerleaders
Cheerleaders root for the Belt Huskies at the state volleyball tournament.Photo by: Richie Melby
Belt volleyball
Abby Gliko listens during a Belt timeout at the state volleyball tournament.Photo by: Richie Melby
Liv Wangerin
Plentywood hitter Liv Wangerin skies for a kill against Belt in the first round.Photo by: Richie Melby
Plentywood volleyball
The Plentywood volleyball team huddles during a timeout in its 3-1 win over Belt at the state tournament.Photo by: Richie Melby
Alyssa Hurst Ashtyn Curtiss
Plentywood defenders Alyssa Hurst (left) and Ashtyn Curtiss (right) pressure Belt's Kyelie Marquis.Photo by: Richie Melby
Becky Kukowski
Plentywood coach Becky Kukowski yells instructions to the Wildcats at the state tournament.Photo by: Richie Melby
Florence-Carlton volleyball
The Florence-Carlton volleyball bench celebrates a point during the match against ShelbyPhoto by: Richie Melby
Brielle Aklestad
Shelby's Brielle Aklestad digs an attempt during the Coyotes' match against Florence-Carlton.Photo by: Richie Melby
Sarah Hopcroft
Florence's Sarah Hopcroft records a kill against Shelby.Photo by: Richie Melby
Maddison Underdal
Shelby's Maddison Underdal hits against Florence defenders.Photo by: Richie Melby
Nicole Green
Hardin's Nicole Green (7) hits against Columbia Falls.Photo by: Richie Melby
Columbia Falls volleyball
The Columbia Falls crowd cheers during the Wildkats' sweep over Hardin.Photo by: Richie Melby
Alyssa Pretty Weasel
Hardin hitter Alyssa Pretty Weasel attempts a kill against Columbia Falls.Photo by: Richie Melby
Shauna Stene
Billings West's Shauna Stene hits between Missoula Sentinel defenders.Photo by: Richie Melby
Grace Gedlaman
Columbia Falls' Grace Gedlaman blocks an attempt from Hardin's LeFaye Russell.Photo by: Richie Melby
Madysen Hoerner
Columbia Falls hitter Madysen Hoerner hits against Hardin defenders.Photo by: Richie Melby
Billings West volleyball
A Billings West cheerleaders performs during the match against Missoula Sentinel.Photo by: Richie Melby
Sheridan Schweyen
Missoula Sentinel's Sheridan Schweyen digs a serve during the Spartans' loss to Billings West.Photo by: Richie Melby
Challis Westwater
Missoula Sentinel's Challis Westwater skies for a kill attempt against Billings West.Photo by: Richie Melby
Shauna Stene
Billings West's Shauna Stene hits against Sentinel defenders.Photo by: Richie Melby
Taylor DeVries Eliana Kuperus
Manhattan Christian defenders Taylor DeVries (left) and Eliana Kuperus (right) block a Roy-Winifred attempt.Photo by: Richie Melby
Trinity Edwards
Roy-Winifred's Trinity Edwards looks to place the ball against Manhattan Christian.Photo by: Richie Melby
Manhattan Christian volleyball
The Manhattan Christian bench celebrates during the Eagles' win over Roy-Winifred.Photo by: Richie Melby
Rebecca DeMars
Roy-Winifred's Rebecca DeMars hits against Manhattan Christian.Photo by: Richie Melby
Kiersten VanKirk
Manhattan Christian's Kiersten VanKirk records a kill against Roy-Winifred.Photo by: Richie Melby
Ann Funk
Choteau volleyball coach Ann Funk watches from the bench during the 2019 state tournament.Photo by: Richie Melby
Zoe Everett
Townsend's Zoe Everett hits against Choteau defenders Christine Funk (3) and Nicole Krone (9).Photo by: Richie Melby
Peyton Vogl
Townsend's Peyton Vogl skies for a kill against Choteau.Photo by: Richie Melby
Nicole Krone
Choteau's Nicole Krone tries to hit past Townsend defenders Zoe Everett (9) and Peyton Vogl (4).Photo by: Richie Melby
Helena High volleyball
Helena High coach Lindsey Day instructs the Bengals during a timeout.Photo by: Richie Melby
Caroline Bullock
Helena High's Caroline Bullock tips the ball against Billings Senior.Photo by: Richie Melby
McKenzie Clark
Fort Benton's McKenzie Clark tips the ball against Charlo defender Kira McPhail.Photo by: Richie Melby
Bailey King
Billings Senior's Bailey King celebrates a point against Helena High.Photo by: Richie Melby
Isabel Saltenberger
Anaconda's Isabel Saltenberger (22) scores against the Joliet defense.Photo by: Richie Melby
Bailey King Olivia Labeau
Billings Senior defenders Bailey King (left) and Olivia Labeau (right) try to block an attempt from Helena High's Caroline Bullock.Photo by: Richie Melby
Nicole Axtman
Fort Benton's Nicole Axtman jumps to attempt to block a shot against Charlo.Photo by: Richie Melby
Liev Smith
Charlo's Liev Smith prepares to hit the ball against the Fort Benton defense.Photo by: Richie Melby
Skyler Wright
Joliet's Skyler Wright forces a kill against the Anaconda defense.Photo by: Richie Melby
Mia Sulluvan-Sanders
Anaconda's Mia Sulluvan-Sanders tips the ball against Joliet defender Shayla Webber.Photo by: Richie Melby
Bella Hawk
Charlo's Bella Hawk (7) tries to block Fort Benton's Abby Clark.Photo by: Richie Melby
Quinn McDonald
Havre's Quinn McDonald hits against Corvallis defenders.Photo by: Richie Melby
Madeline Gilder
Corvallis hitter Madeline Gilder (7) hits into the Havre defense.Photo by: Richie Melby
Allie Olson
Great Falls CMR's Allie Olson hits around the post and two Billings Senior defenders in the Rustlers' sweep of the Broncs.Photo by: Richie Melby
Jenna Kallevig
Bridger's Jenna Kallevig sends a kill past a Fort Benton defender.Photo by: Richie Melby