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New Billings Skyview coach Stormy Siemion: 'Whole different view and I just love it'

Posted at 6:00 PM, Aug 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 00:10:31-04

BILLINGS -- To say Stormy Siemion is eager for her first match as head volleyball coach at Billings Skyview would be both simplifying and understating circumstances.

The four-time state champion at Huntley Project and college standout at MSU Billings admits it's a sport she can't shake.

"Once I kind of got past missing playing, I started finding the fire and love of volleyball all over again in the coaching perspective," Siemion told MTN Sports after a recent practice. "And giving my knowledge of it to girls who just want it so badly and feed off of it and want to do good, it just is a whole different view and I just love it."

If there's one thing to bet on under Siemion's competitive fire, it's that Skyview's girls will absolutely be in shape. She's built an undeniably solid career thanks in part to conditioning and wasted no time introducing the importance to her freshman through varsity squads on the first day of fall workouts.

Siemion said she doesn't plan to change a lot in her first season but offers at least one sure tweak.

"I think the one big thing I want to be able to bring to them is being able to look at the other side of the court," Siemion said. "As a college athlete that was playing not too long ago, that's such a huge part of the game.

"And I think in high school sports, we tend to get stuck on only our side of the net, which is great to have those skills. But being able to take those skills, see where the weaknesses are on the other side of the net and capitalize on that (are also important). So, I'm really trying to get the girls to look and see where their shots need to be and what we need to do to beat a team."

After a summer's worth of open gym workouts, players are noticeably privy to Siemion's outlook.

"She's brought in a lot of good, new advice, new tips and it's good to hear new stuff from other people and the way they put it," said Falcons libero Renzie Pond. "For the most part it's going to be the same but good."

"Being a hitter, she's helped me so much placing my hits and knowing where to hit and where not to hit, depending on the other team's defense," teammate Jessi Henckel said.

One of the most unusual changes volleyball players will deal with this fall is a new rule keeping teams on the same bench throughout each match. Siemion and others know there's sure to be a share of moments when teams instinctively pack up after a game and start that short walk to the other side.

"That was the one thing that was very odd for me, and it's going to be different because, I don't know what it is with girls and volleyball, but switching sides of the net sometimes can be a game changer."

As eager as Siemion is for Skyview's season-opening serve, Pond and company may have her beat.

"I love her, she's awesome. I think this year's going to be the best year yet," Pond said. "I know I'm really excited for my senior year. I just can't even wait."