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Lone Peak volleyball flying under the radar despite undefeated start

Lone Peak volleyball flying under the radar despite undefeated start
Posted at 2:43 PM, Oct 13, 2020

BIG SKY — When you think of District 12C high school volleyball you might think of 2019 state champion Manhattan Christian, but this year the Eagles have some competition, as Lone Peak is also undefeated.

“Be aware, we’re scrappy, we work hard," said Lone Peak head coach Missy Botha. "We’ve been working hard. We’ve arrived.”

The success in large part is due to having seven seniors leading the way.

“They’ve been together since grade school," Botha said. "They’re great teammates on the court and best friends off the court.”

“It’s been quite a ride," said senior Chloe Hammond. "It definitely allows us to have team chemistry and be cohesive on the court, and we just know what each other are thinking almost at all times.”

The seniors provide leadership to their younger teammates.

“That experience does trickle down to the underclassmen," said Botha. "They see that, they watch that, and then they learn that that’s how they need to play.”

One senior who has shined is Reilly Germain.

“She is our first server, so over multiple seasons we’ve had her be our first server because she just gets dialed in, in the zone and she can just give us one after the other to start a match off,” Botha said.

However, the team is led by sophomore Maddie Cone, who is leading the team in kills.

“Maddie Cone is a natural athlete," said Botha. "Not only does she have great talent, she works her butt off. You take a combination of that, you get Maddie Cone.”

“She’s definitely something else," said Hammond. "It’s inspiring to see how she just started playing two years ago and she’s already where she is. She’s going to go far and wide.”

Cone said her success is due to her teammates, as the Lady Bighorns thrive because of their team chemistry.

“Our team chemistry is something that other teams probably find very intimidating because we’re very close with one another despite our age difference,” said the sophomore.

Lone Peak faces Manhattan Christian on Oct. 22, a game it has had marked on its calendars all season.

“Many times your team will play up," said Botha. "They rise to an occasion like that. We’re ready for everything."

“I’m so excited," said Hammond. "I think it should be a very competitive game. So yeah, looking forward to it.”