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Billings Central volleyball came together to win State A title

Billings Central STATE VB CHAMPS 2021.png
Posted at 5:13 PM, Nov 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-17 20:11:03-05

Billings Central did it the hard way this past weekend.

The Rams fought all the way back through the loser’s bracket to claim their second consecutive State A volleyball title.

“Havre is a very good team, and that loss made us a better team," Central head coach Anita Foster said. "We had some team dynamics that weren’t great and we had to regroup and come together as a team and realize we needed each other to be successful. This team is not the same team that played on Thursday and I am so proud of how the girls chose to come together rather than turn away from each other. They’re the ones who made this happen.”

The Rams had to battle back through multiple matches on Friday and Saturday before needing just seven total sets to dismantle Havre in the two championship matches. Through the three-day weekend, Central played seven matches.

“It wasn’t the path we would have chosen, right? But we talked a lot about sometimes we’re given paths we didn’t choose in life. We talked a lot about we have to make the best of it," Foster said. "I absolutely went in confident knowing this team was conditioned to go all the way around and play that many matches. They work their butts off in the offseason and they continue to condition through the season. They might complain during season about it, but now I think they understand why we do it.”

Foster is now a perfect 2-for-2, bringing home state championships in both her seasons as the Rams’ coach. This one, though, was a bit more hard-fought than last year’s romp in Sidney.

“To come back around after a really hard loss to a really good team on Thursday night, it’s just pretty special. It shows the character of the girls. They rose above the challenges they were having on Thursday and they flipped a switch and made a change they needed to make. I couldn’t be prouder. It’s very special," said Foster.