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Q2 AOW: No. 52 'special' to Billings Central's Coral Old Bull

Posted at 3:24 PM, Feb 22, 2023

BILLINGS — Billings Central sophomore Coral Old Bull is carrying on the legacy of the family name.

You’ll see Old Bull donning the No. 52, just as her father, the legendary Elvis Old Bull, did during his memorable basketball career in Lodge Grass, where he was the school’s all-time leading scorer before Damon Gros Ventre eclipsed it last year.

“It's really special to me because of how my dad wore it and not knowing the impact it would have on all of us," Old Bull said. "When (head coach Jetton Ailes) gave me that number, I started crying because of how happy I was. It's really a special memory for me to be wearing it out there today."

Old Bull has taken a massive leap on the floor for Central this season, as she’s averaging nearly 13 points per game. Her toughest test of the season came in a loss to Billings West, where Old Bull had just five points against the Golden Bears and the 6-foot-4 Pierce sisters.

“It's tough to play against kids that are 6-4," Ailes said. "I think the biggest thing that I admire about that is she kept going at them. She's done a great job. She's obviously an undersized post in most regards, but she finds a way. She's done a great job of being somebody we can rely on down low."

Old Bull is hoping those lessons learned translate during this weekend’s Eastern A divisional tournament, where Central has several youngsters playing meaningful postseason minutes for the first time.

“I've been here before, just not in the position I'm in now," Old Bull said. "I feel like it's going to be a fun experience for me knowing I'm not the only one getting my first taste."

Old Bull is writing her own story in the No. 52 jersey, and it’s just getting started.