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Q2 AOW: From Billings West to Roberts, Taylee Chirrick stuffing stat sheet against Class C opponents

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Posted at 3:56 PM, Feb 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-23 12:50:04-05

ROBERTS — Roberts head coach Sarah Shoopman was dealt pocket aces back in December.

Reigning Class AA all-state selection Taylee Chirrick and sophomore sister TJ transferred from Billings West. Since the move Chirrick has been giving opposing Southern C teams nightmares.

“They've adapted really well into our program and adjusted to what we've had going," Shoopman said. "It's been fun for us to play with them. They've been a really great addition to us and been really good team players and gone with our team atmosphere of 'We before Me.' They've fit right in with that."

“It gives me a lot of confidence, which I think I needed for myself and to have that confidence with my shot and everything," Chirrick said. "Coming into it having a good team, a supportive team that wants to get better, it's been really fun for me."

Chirrick is pumping in 33.9 points a night, with a season high of 51 against Bridger, for the Roberts girls, who are 16-0 with her in the lineup. So how did one of the state’s best hoopers wind up going from Class AA powerhouse Billings West to Class C Roberts?

“Just decided to move out here and it's been a really good transition. Everyone has been super nice out here. It couldn't have been a better decision. I'm having so much fun. It's been a great decision for us," Chirrick said.

Playing in Roberts has afforded Chirrick the opportunity to play with her sister, which may not have happened had the pair stayed at West this winter.

“We've always gotten along really well and it's super fun to play with a sibling. To get that opportunity, it's amazing," Taylee said.

Chirrick also has the chance to help her team accomplish something unprecedented in program history – a berth at the State C tournament next month at First Interstate Arena.

“I think that would be a cool legacy for our team here to end up having, so I think that's a really big goal for us and something that's really cool that we have the opportunity to do," Chirrick said.

"We want our girls to play the best that they can and go get what we've worked for," Shoopman said. "Who knows what might come out of that? It might be a benefit, but we're just hoping that we play well, play as a team and continue to play our team ball, because that's what makes us who we are is how we play together."

With Chirrick decimating Class C teams so far, the Rockets can keep those hopes high.