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Walker Doman flying high for the Winnett-Grass Range Rams

Posted at 8:40 PM, Feb 01, 2022

GREAT FALLS — There’s no shortage of freak athletes in the state of Montana. However, when it comes to rural Montana, the amount of high fliers you’ll find on the hardwood are rare. The Winnett-Grass Range Rams, however, have a human highlight reel in senior All-State hooper Walker Doman.

Doman is putting up monster numbers and monster dunks this season, averaging 21.5 points and over 10 rebounds through 13 games with the Rams. The recipe for his dominance is confidence.

“I just kept playing over the summer and it just kept helping my confidence even more. These games this year, I kept having more confidence and it just keeps going,” he said.

That confidence spilled over into his jumping ability. What was once a fearful endeavor is now a signature show-stopper for the senior.

“I got my first one my sophomore year and it just kept going from there,” Doman explained. “I’m not as scared to do it anymore, the nerves don’t get the best of me.”

Doman credits his physical improvement to the work he put in over the summer with younger brother, sophomore Cooper Doman, who helped motivate Walker to get stronger.

“He’s been pushing me quite a bit more than I’ve been pushing him but I think that’s probably what helped me the most.”

Aside from Doman’s sheer athletic ability, he’s been doing it all for the Rams, grabbing rebounds, blocking shots and scoring in a variety of ways.

“He’s got a wingspan that’s huge and he can haul in a rebound,” WGR head coach Brandon Bantz said. “All the little things he does are huge and he’s putting it all together this year and it’s really fun to sit back and watch.”

The Rams are 9-4 this season looking to make a strong push in the conference standings to finish out the regular season. Doman has not received any college offers yet but has begun to receive more and more interest as the season progresses.

“They’re starting to notice him more and now it’s his job to continue to play well. I’ve got nothing to say but good things about him. Good hard working country kid,” Bantz said.