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Rosters announced for Southwest Montana High School Basketball Classic

Twin Bridges basketball
Posted at 8:29 PM, Mar 09, 2020

(Editor's Note: Butte Central Foundation press release)

Rosters have been chosen for the 2020 Southwest Montana High School Basketball Classic, sponsored by the Butte Chamber of Commerce Hospitality Committee.

The event takes place Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at the Montana Tech HPER with a girls’ game at 6 p.m., followed by a boys’ game at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased starting Tuesday, March 10 at the Butte Chamber of Commerce (1000 George Street), and they can also be purchased online.

You can also purchase tickets on the day of the game at the HPER Complex.

Coaching Staffs

Big Sky Boys

- Kelly Neiskens and Julie Kieckbush from Whitehall High School.

Treasure State Boys

- Clint Layng and Sarah Layng from Jefferson County High School.

Big Sky Girls

- Matt Pokorny, Noah Thatcher from Butte High School.

Treasure State Girls

- Zach Murphy and Cory Burtchett from Harrison High School


Treasure State Boys – Coached by: Clint Layng, Sarah Layng

Cole Truman, Dillon (Jr)

Jace Fitzgerald, Dillon (Jr)

Justus Peterson, Dillon (Sr)

Kyler Gochanour, Anaconda (Sr)

Braedon Sawyer, Anaconda (Jr)

Eli Saltenberger, Anaconda (So)

Logan Nicholson, Powell Co. (So)

Aidan Thompson, Powell Co. (Sr)

Kade Cutler, Granite Co. (Jr)

Bryce Nye, Twin Bridges (Sr)

Jake Hughes, Twin Bridges (Sr)

Charlie Kruer, Twin Bridges (Jr)

Avery Stiles, Jefferson (Sr)


Michael Galle, Anaconda (Sr)

Peyton Klanceky, Anaconda (Sr)

Leroy Wilson, Anaconda (Sr)

Ozzie King, Powell Co. (Jr)

Ben Anderson, Powell Co. (Sr)

Jaxon Yanzick, Jefferson (Sr)

Nate Konen, Twin Bridges (Sr)

Matt Kieser, Twin Bridges (Jr)

Big Sky Boys – Coached by: Kelly Neiskens, Julie Kieckbush

Braedon Harrington, Butte Central (Sr)

Luke Heaphy, Butte Central (Sr)

Trevor Neumann, Butte Central (Sr)

Jared Simkins, Butte Central (Sr)

Jace Olson, Butte High (Jr)

Tommy Mellott, Butte High (Sr)

Andrew Booth, Butte High (Sr)

Ryan Burt, Butte High (Sr)

Ian Swanson, Ennis (Jr)

Vern Homer, Harrison (Sr)

Luke Cima, Harrison (Jr)

Brendan Wagner, Whitehall (Jr)

Peyton Hawes, Lima (Jr)


Gator Yelenich, Butte Central (Sr)

Matt Simkins, Butte Central (Sr)

Aaron Richards, Butte Central (Sr)

Kavin Noctor, Butte High (Sr)

Brand Ostler, Ennis (So)

Kadon Batzler, Sheridan (So)

Johnny Bravo, Lima (Sr)

Walker Nygren, Lima (Jr)

Parker Young, West Yellowstone (Sr)

Sam Coffin, West Yellowstone (Sr)

Jackson Gospodarek, West Yellowstone (Sr)

Treasure State Girls – Coached by: Zach Murphy, Cory Burtchett

Logan Stetzner, Anaconda (Sr)

Isabel Saltenberger, Anaconda (Sr)

Mia Sullivan-Sanders, Anaconda (Jr)

Megan Reich, Anaconda (Jr)

Josey Jones, Dillon (Sr)

Tylia DeJohn, Dillon (Sr)

Kylee Pittman, Dillon (Sr)

Brynna Wolfe, Whitehall (So)

Jada Clarkson, Whitehall (Fr)

Asha Noyes, Whitehall (Sr)

Rachel Nicholson, Powell Co. (Sr)

Ashleigh Guinnane, Twin Bridges (Sr)

Sydney Phillips, Drummond (Jr)


Sami Johnson, Anaconda (So)

Ainsley Shipman, Dillon (So)

Madalen Shipman, Dillon (Jr)

Mckenzie Meagher, Powell Co. (Jr)

Avery George, Twin Bridges (Sr)

Dana Lerum, Harrison (Fr)

Hannah Bradshaw, Drummond (Jr)

Rylee Hilmo, Drummond (Sr)

Holly Hauptman, Drummond (Fr)

Big Sky Girls – Coached by: Matt Pokorny, Noah Thatcher

Sofee Thatcher, Butte Central (So)

Emma Keeley, Butte Central (Sr)

Delaney Hasquet, Butte Central (Jr)

Haley Heron, Butte High (Sr)

Makenzie Carpenter, Butte High (Sr)

Grace McGrath, Butte High (Sr)

Trisha Erickson, Butte High (Sr)

Makenzie Tutty, Butte High (Jr)

Rachel Van Blericom, Jefferson (So)

Emma Grange, Jefferson (Sr)

Grace Jones, Jefferson (Sr)

Emmie Collins, West Yellowstone (So)

Jenna Snider, Ennis (Jr)


Maddie Kump, Butte Central (Jr)

Brooke Badovinac, Butte Central (Fr)

Amelia Hill, Granite Co. (Jr)

Asha Comings, Granite Co. (So)

Gracie Bravo, Lima (So)