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Lodge Grass senior Adriano Hugs making up for lost time

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Posted at 3:56 PM, Dec 17, 2023

Lodge Grass senior Adriano Hugs is showing out this year, but he wasn’t part of the Indians’ fourth consecutive trip to the State B tournament after being dismissed from the team last season.

“It was nothing drug related or violence or anything, but it was just a situation that was below the standard," Lodge Grass head coach Josh Stewart said. "My heart hurt. Right away I'm thinking this is not good. I knew immediately we had to let him go. That was the hardest thing, because we love all of our kids. To let him go was tough."

There’s been no issues since, and Hugs is completely bought into the home, class, gym mantra that Stewart and his staff preach. Hugs had what he loved taken away and he won’t let that happen again.

“It was hard for me. I know I had to live up to what I did and be humble about my life and just be strong," Hugs said. "I prayed to the Lord about my decisions and I knew I didn't want to leave my brothers. I wanted to finish out my last year of high school playing with my brothers."

“That part right there showed me his heart. He's earned everything, not only that he's experiencing now, but everything that will come his way. He's fought for every one of those and I'm just proud of him," Stewart said.

Hugs has made a massive impact on both ends of the floor for the unbeaten Indians, and on several occasions has sparked the team when they needed it most.

“Ultimate competitor. Something I’ve always known about him since he was younger watching him play. Knowing he’s got that kind of heart, he’s that warrior. I liken it to the old warriors. If this was 1800, he’s first. He’s to the front and he’s going to charge first. That’s his heart and that’s his attitude," said Stewart.

Lodge Grass has a long trek if its to achieve its goals this season and there will undoubtedly be ups and downs, but you can bet Hugs will soak up every second of the journey.

“To get to spend my senior season with my brothers is everything to me. This is my dream come true to play on this level and I'm just trying to go all the way," Hugs said.

“He knows how to choose his battles, and he's become one of our leaders because of it," Stewart said.