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Brandon Gauthier, Park City hoping familiarity leads to success

Posted at 3:00 PM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-25 09:11:55-05

PARK CITY -- There's a new man in charge of the Park City boys basketball team.

Brandon Gauthier had spent time under previous head coach Ben Southworth, but now he's in control of the Panthers' program.

Familiarity between Guathier and his players has allowed Park City to get a jump on the season, as the Panthers didn't have to spend much time in the opening weeks installing schemes.

"We're not changing a whole lot on defense, not changing a whole lot on offense. We're running a lot of the same drills," Gauthier said. "These guys have the same expectations that we've had the last couple years as far as working hard, doing the right thing. None of that has changed. We've kind of just picked up and ran with it."

"It helps knowing that we're going to have people that have been out there playing, have the experience and that have a better chance of going out there so we can win these games," senior forward Austin Dennis said.

The Panthers have a ton of seniors on their roster. After a successful football season, Park City is looking to carry that momentum forward on the hardwood.

"The younger guys look up to us. I think that's the way it goes on every team but especially this team. We have to show the little guys what's up. If we do that we'll be successful," senior guard Garrett McMillen said.

"We graduated a lot of talent the last few years, we've got just one returning starter," Gauthier said. "We've got three seniors that have been waiting, kind of slobbering, ready to get in there. It has been nice. They've provided leadership for us, working hard, so I'm excited to see what they can do."

Park City should be in contention for the District 6C title in February, but for now the Panthers are focused on improving each and every day.

"I think we just want to work harder than last year," McMillen said. "Last year we had the potential to make it to the state tournament and I believe we do this year, as well, so we just need to work harder than last year and work on the things we didn't perfect last year."