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Underclassmen making their presence known at Montana Tech

Posted at 7:11 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 21:11:05-04

BUTTE – Spring football practices may have just started yesterday for Montana Tech, but the underclassmen are fired up and ready to go.

After taking this offseason to hit the weight room and crush new records, the underclassmen are ready to show off their hard work and make their way up the depth chart for the fall. Another off-season to get acclimated to Chuck Morrell’s system has surely shown off in the first couple days of practice. But the biggest impact the young and hungry underclassmen bring at this stage of the season is their energy. It’s fueling the upperclassmen to make sure they are being held accountable and putting in the same hard work. A recipe that will only help the Diggers down the road when it really matters.

“Definitely the young guys are always important in everything we do as far as giving scout looks. Being a part of and encouraging the older guys,” said senior linebacker Jacob Clarke. “This year we got a lot of young guys who make plays, and they’ve been big in the weight room the past couple years. Especially on the field right now, a lot of young guys rotating in and mixing things up, so it’s good to see what they can do. It’s definitely built our confidence in those guys because they’ve been making plays so far for us.”