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MSU-Northern wrestling’s fast momentum takes down University of Providence

Posted at 10:37 PM, Feb 06, 2019

GREAT FALLS – It was Senior Night for the University of Providence wrestling team on Wednesday, as the Argos took on MSU-Northern. The Lights ended the regular season on a high note and came away with a 23-15 team victory.

“There were some big matches in there. We got some key victories. We put it away early, and that’s what we were looking to do,” said Northern head coach Tyson Thivierge. “We’ve been talking about momentum. Momentum has been a good tool for us all season long, so we’ve been talking a lot about that. We got it on our end this time. It’s good to finish the regular season like that, and now it’s onto the postseason.”

Up next for both wrestling teams will be the Cascade Conference Championships at the University of Providence on Feb. 15 and 16.

The dual results from this meet are listed below:

Weight Wrestler MSUN UP
125 No. 9 Nick Kunz (MSUN) Over Deven Altenburg (UP) MD 5-1 4 0
133 No. 13 Landon Bailey (MSUN)  Over Eli Walston (UP) Dec. 9-2 3 0
141 No. 1 Matt Weber (MSUN) TJ Baun (UP) SV-1 3-1 3 0
149 No. 10 Shonn Roberts (UP) Over Tony Evans (MSUN) Fall 2:24 0 6
157 No. 3 Brandon Weber (MSUN) Over No. 5 Casey Dobson (UP) Dec. 4-0 3 0
165 No. 10 Andrew Bartel (MSUN)  Over No. 1 Adrian Lyons- Lopez (UP) SV-1 3-1 3 0
174 Chase Short (MSUN) Over Josh Beckler (UP) MD 12-4 4 0
184 Randy Keesler (UP) Over Steeler French (MSUN) Dec. 2-1 0 3
197 No. 2 Isaac Bartel (MSUN) Over No. 7 John Hensley (UP) Dec. 3-2 3 0
285 No. 3 Mathew Hopkins (UP) Over Jase Stokes (MSUN) Fall 1:07 0 6
Total 23 15