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MSU-Northern wrestling 10th after 1st day of Missouri Valley Invitational

Posted at 9:15 AM, Jan 19, 2019

MARSHALL, Mo. — The No. 3 Montana State University-Northern wrestling team finished Day 1 of the Missouri Valley Invitational in 10th place, scoring 66.5 points. The Lights are behind powerhouse programs like No. 1 Grand View (Iowa) and Lindsey Wilson (Ky.).

Rob Pair, Brandon Weber and Isaac Bartel each went undefeated during their matches Friday. Pair, wrestling at 125 pounds, earned three decisions and a fall throughout the day. The 157-pound Weber earned a pair of 4-0 decisions, coupled with an 8-0 major decision, while Bartel, the 197-pound grappler, won via technical fall, major decision and a decision.

The Lights are back in action Saturday morning at the Burns Athletic Center.

Team scores and MSU-Northern’s individual results can be found below.

Team Abbr Score
1 Grand View (Iowa) GVI 140.5
2 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) LWK 115.5
3 Menlo (Calif.) MECA 115.0
4 Missouri Valley MIVA 86.0
5 Baker (Kan.) BAKA 85.5
6 Indiana Tech INTE 73.0
7 Oklahoma City OKCI 73.0
8 Reinhardt University (GA) Rein 72.5
9 Marian University (IN) Mari 71.0
10 Montana State-Northern MSN 66.5
11 Lourdes University Lour 63.5
12 Campbellsville CAMP 54.0
13 Briar Cliff (Iowa) BCI 51.0
14 Morningside (Iowa) MOIO 48.5
15 Graceland University GRUN 36.5
16 Brewton-Parker (GA) BPG 34.5
17 Concordia (Neb.) CUNE 34.5
18 Dickinson State (N.D.) DSND 34.0
19 Missouri Baptist University MBU 33.5
20 St. Mary (KS) STM 32.0
21 Williams Baptist WILL 31.5
22 Bethany (Kan.) BEKA 29.0
23 Wayland Baptist (Texas) WBT 28.5
24 Northwestern (Iowa) NOIO 27.5
25 Jamestown (N.D.) JND 25.5
26 Midland (Neb.) MINE 23.5
27 Truett-McConnell (Ga.) TMG 22.0
28 Ottawa University OTTA 20.0
29 Hastings (Neb.) HANE 19.5
30 Midway University Mid 19.5
31 William Penn (Iowa) WPI 19.5
32 Cumberland (Tenn.) CUTE 15.0
33 Oklahoma Wesleyan OkW 14.5
34 Benedictine College BECO 12.5
35 Lyon College LYON 10.5
36 Kansas Wesleyan KSWN 10.0
37 Hannibal-LaGrange (MO) HLM 7.0
38 Central Christian College (KS) CCC 5.5
39 Waldorf (Iowa) WAIO 5.5
40 Calumet (Ind) CalC 2.0
41 Central Baptist (Ark.) CBA 0.0


Montana State University-Northern results

Rob Pair- 125lb.
Rob Pair (MSUN) Over Kobe Paczosa-Hall (Hastings (NE) Dec. 11-4
Rob Pair (MSUN) Over Michael Parker (Midway Univ.) Dec. 5-3
Rob Pair (MSUN) Over Koby Milner (Reinhardt Univ.) Fall 1:06
Rob Pair (MSUN) Over Ian Morken (Menlo) Dec. 6-4

Nick Kunz- 125lb.
Nick Kunz (MSUN)– Bye
Nick Kunz (MSUN) Over Blainr Fussel (Cumberland) Fall 6:30
Nick Kunz (MSUN) Over Lucas Nelson (Brewton-Park) Fall 4:35
Keagan Hessler (Morningside) Over Nick Kunz (MSUN) Dec. 10-5

Gavin Maslen- 141lb.
Jaime Mullins (Dickinson) Over Gavin Maslen (MSUN) Maj 13-2
Tyshon Cannon (William Penn) Over Gavin Maslen TF 26-7

Brent Evans- 149lb.
Brant Evans (MSUN) – Bye
Brent Evans (MSUN) Over Zac Funderburk (Briar Cliff) Dec. 5-3
Devin Everk (Menlo) Over Brent Evans (MSUN) MFF
William Pollock (Wayland) Over Brent Evans (MSUN) MFF

Brandon Weber- 157lb.
Brandon Weber (MSUN)- Bye
Brandon Weber (MSUN) Over Jon McGowan (Oklahoma City) Dec. 4-0
Brandon Weber (MSUN) Over Brandon Meyer (Briar Cliff) Maj. 8-0
Brandon Weber (MSUN) Over Michael Diemer (Campbellsville) Dec. 4-0

Andrew Bartel- 165lb.
Andrew Bartel (MSUN) Over Blake Castillo (Cancordia) Maj. 11-1
Jacob Shoop (Grand View) Over Andrew Bartel (MSUN) Dec. 2-1
Andrew Bartel (MSUN) Over Jacob Gross (Indiana Tech) Dec. 2-1
Andrew Bartel (MSUN) Over Young An (Menlo) Dec. 7-1
Andrew Bartel (MSUN) Over Tyler Price (Baker) Maj. 10-0
Andrew Bartel (MSUN) Over Drew Sams (Graceland UN) Dec. 6-4

Chase Short- 174lb.
Chase Short (MSUN)- Bye
Chase Short (MSUN) Over Tommy Rosen-St. Jo (Wayland Bapt.) Dec. 12-5
Jake Servies (Marian Uni.) Over Chase Short Dec. 8-4
Chase Short (MSUN) Over Bruce Whitehead (Lyon) TF 19-4
Micah Miller (Ottawa Uni.) Over Chase Short (MSUN) Dec. 5-2

Steeler French- 184lb.
Steeler French (MSUN)- Bye
Steeler French (MSUN) Over Cody Donnell (Missouri Bap) Dec. 7-5
Antonio Stewart (Reinheardt Un.) Over Steeler French (MSUN) Maj. 11-2
Steeler French (MSUN) Over Ridge Smith (Oklahoma Wes) Maj. 9-1
Lucas Miozza Lindsey Over Steeler French (MSUN) Dec. 5-3

Isaac Bartel- 197lb.
Isaac Bartel (MSUN)- Bye
Isaac Bartel (MSUN) Over Maleek Caton (Williams Bap) TF 22-5
Isaac Bartel (MSUN) Over Jeremiah Glise (Briar Cliff) Maj. 12-4
Isaac Bartel (MSUN) Over Bruce Valdez (Menlo) Dec. 11-4

Jase Stokes – 285lb.
Jase Stokes (MSUN) Over Dewayne Jennings (Central Baspt.) Fall 1:44
Cory Flemming (Missouri Bap) Over Jase Stokes (MSUN) Dec. 10-6
Jase Stokes (MSUN) Over Kevin Ixpanel (Midway Univ.) Fall 1:55
Jase Stokes (MSUN) Over Cameron Hamby (Truett-McCon) Fall 4:28
Jase Stokes (MSUN) Over Daniel Gonzalez (Hastings) Maj. 10-2
Phil Rasmussen (Morningside) Over Jase Stokes (MSUN) Dec. 7-2