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‘Hoops for a Cause’ clinic comes to the University of Providence

Posted at 10:46 PM, Aug 11, 2018

GREAT FALLS – The ‘Hoops for a Cause’ clinic came to the University of Providence on Saturday. Multiple Frontier Conference women’s basketball coaches and players were in attendance helping teach basketball, fitness, and having fun to boys and girls ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Proceeds from the camp went to fund scholarships through the Live Laugh Love by Lauryn Goldhahn Scholarship (Buckle Up Blue for Lauryn). All the campers received a free T-shirt, as well. Running these camps every year is a special time for these coaches and players to put aside the rivalries and give back to those in need.

“I think the best thing is watching the players from our league interact non-competitive,” said MSU-Northern coach Chris Mouat. “We’re not getting ready for a game tonight, and it’s even better to watch the coaches in that same moment, because you see a different side of every single coach in the league. You see a human side, that shows a lot about how much they care about kids and the cause this year and the things we’re doing.”

“The biggest thing for us is that all of our players come together and get to work with young kids. It’s a pretty special thing when all those kids come together and you see little kids learning, that’s a pretty neat experience,” said University of Providence coach Bill Himmelberg. “To see our girls all throughout the Frontier be able to do that and for us coaches be able to come together to help those young kids, it’s a great experience. For us to do it for ‘Buckle Up for Lauryn,’ it makes it 10 times better.”

“I think this is what Montanans are about — when someone is in need they reach out and help,” said Lauryn’s father, Pat Goldhahn. “It’s absolutely awesome. Coaching forever like I have, it’s awesome to see athletes from different programs get together and work together for one simple cause.”

Pat Goldhahn and his wife, Wendy, from the Goldhahn Foundation give out five scholarships of $500 every year to kids from across Montana. The money from the kids camps at the ‘Hoops for a Cause’ clinic went toward those scholarships.