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Experience at safety key for young Montana Tech cornerback corps

Posted at 11:27 PM, Apr 09, 2018

BUTTE — Montana Tech has an interesting defensive backs corps, to say the least.

The Diggers are looking to field a pair of new cornerbacks this spring, most notably to replace all-conference coverman Andre Brown. But for what Tech lacks in experience on the outside, it makes up at safety.

Coach Chuck Morrell’s group brings back three safeties that saw the field in 2017.

“Our safety contingent is as good as I’ve had here,” Morrell said.

That is extremely high praise considering he coached the NAIA’s top safety, Gunnar Kayser, just two seasons ago. With both experience and depth, the detail-oriented Morrell is having a good time with his defensive schematics.

“It’s fun for us because, in terms of the quality and the quantity of schemes that we can run with those guys has been pretty impressive so far this spring.”

The safeties are already in fall mode in the second week of April in terms of knowing the book. They’re now the ones who are trying to get the young guys up to speed.

“(The safeties) all had quite a bit of playing experience last year,” explained returning safety Tucker Rauthe. “That’s going to really build in to helping our younger guys and guys that haven’t had as much playing experience.”