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Carroll College’s Alex Kastens picking up where Jim Hogan left off

Posted at 11:01 PM, Mar 29, 2018

HELENA – Longtime Carroll College assistant football coach Jim Hogan retired this off-season, moving assistant coach and former Saints center Alex Kastens into the job. But even with the changing of the guard, the program hasn’t skipped a beat.

“You know, Coach Kastens was brought up by Coach Hogan,” said Carroll defensive back McBride Galt. “He was here for Kastens’ full five years. There was definitely some roll over from Hogan, but he also brought in some new stuff that I think benefited us. I could tell the difference, some of my lifting and some of the things we did. So I think we’ll be good.”

“I don’t need to be like Coach Hogan, there will never be another Coach Hogan on the face of the planet, you know,” said Kastens. “And for me, I was like, ‘what can I do to help bring out the best from our guys by me?’ We made a couple of program tweaks, but the foundation, like I said, has been there and now from me getting out there and getting to see every day 86 guys in there, it’s pretty cool to have that relationship with each one of them and understand what makes them tick.”

The Saints will hold their annual spring scrimmage on Saturday, April 21. To view the Saints’ full spring schedule, please click here.