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Nourse, Bulldogs working in silence to move forward ahead of 2020 season

Posted at 9:52 AM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 17:39:55-04

DILLON — Ryan Nourse had a rare chance this past spring to help his oldest son train for his upcoming football season with the Dillon Beavers. COVID-19 restrictions meant no spring practices for the Montana Western Bulldogs, which gave Nourse, the head coach, that unusual free time. But a fear of falling behind and losing a step on their competition was never a concern.

“Really our philosophy behind this whole thing was, don’t panic. It was going to be what it was going to be," said Nourse. "We talk a lot about how you have to be like water. You have to be flowing, flexible and forceful and when the time comes, water always finds a way.”

Nourse has praised his staff and players for honoring their commitments to the program. Despite no official team workouts, his players have been putting in the work necessary to stay the course and be ready for the first day of organized and sanctioned team practices in August. It will be small steps for his guys at first, but forward progress is all the seventh-year head coach wants to see.

“As for lost time, I don’t know. You don’t get to make up for lost time, so all we’re going to do is move forward," Nourse said. "We have plans in place and we’re going to get our guys as big, fast and strong as we can. We’re going to work the plan and try to go out and win games.”

Overall, the outlook for the Montana Western program has never looked better. A solid recruiting class with local talent and transfers, like former Montana State running back Karl Tucker II, to supplement a large group of returning players has the team poised to make a Frontier Conference title run. Building on their continued success will keep driving Bulldog football in the right direction.

“We’re putting together winning seasons and that draws a different type of person to your program," Nourse said. "That’s just honesty. I mean, when you’re successful people will look at you more.”