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Lots of uncertainties regarding women's flag football in Frontier Conference

Posted at 9:36 AM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 11:55:56-04

BUTTE — Monday's announcement of the NAIA’s initiative with the NFL to establish women’s flag football as a recognized sport caught a lot of athletic administrators by surprise. But all would agree that the inclusion of more women’s sports to any college's athletic repertoire is a win.

“I think anytime we can create more opportunities for women athletes is a good thing," said Montana Tech athletic director Matt Stepan.

The economic circumstances every college is facing to make sure their fall sports seasons will happen, mixed with a proposition to introduce a new sport, does have some administrators scratching their heads.

“The timing of it is very curious because we’re all trying to salvage our budgets," said Montana Western athletic director Bill Wilson.

When that time comes where discussions can be held about the logistics of what will go into making this a possible reality, both Montana Tech and Montana Western will be ready to explore the next steps.

“We have great female athletes in Montana," Stepan said. "What I would be interested in is what market is interested in women’s flag football and what other female sport could this be competing with.”

“If we were in normal circumstances, every opportunity out there that becomes available in which we think might be a great addition to our athletic department we’re going to consider," added Wilson. "No matter what the sport is. “

Until then, both institutions will continue to learn more about this possibly new emerging sport as the NAIA makes more information available.