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Carroll's Nikki Krueger overcomes injury, snags Frontier Conference Player of the Week honor

Posted at 2:26 PM, Feb 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-16 16:26:18-05

HELENA — Carroll College shot putter Nikki Kreguer has snagged the Frontier Conference Women's Indoor Field Athlete of the Week honor.

Krueger, a senior from Kalispell, reached a new personal best of 14.44 in the shot put at the Idaho State Indoor Mountain State Games. She took first at the meet which put her in second in the NAIA.

MTN Sports: What does it mean to you to be voted the Frontier Conference Women’s Indoor Field Athlete of the Week?

Nikki Kreguer: “It's an honor, we've been working really hard this year. I missed a meet, so we weren't sure where I was gonna be with that. So I'm glad that I went out last weekend and threw what I threw and got the Frontier Player of the Week.”

MTN Sports: You set a new personal best in shot put at the Mountain State Games, what allowed you to throw so well?

Krueger: “We are talking about manifesting, like, put it out into the universe, and it'll happen. So we've been just really focusing on the process. Last year, that was our big focus, too. But this year, it's kind of just a little different. It's my last year, so we were just like, yeah, go out and have fun and let loose. So that's what I did.”

MTN Sports: Were you aware you set your career high when it happened?

Krueger: “No. So actually, we were thinking that I was doing a little less than that. Until we actually looked after prelims going into finals we looked online and I was like, ‘Oh, okay, that's what we're throwing’ because I couldn't see the leaderboard or anything so we were like, ‘Oh, that's a good spot to be.’”

MTN Sports: The Mountain State Games had NAIA, D1, and D2 schools present. What’s it like taking 1st at such a big meet?

Krueger: “It's a lot of fun beating the D1 throwers. It just kind of takes a weight off your shoulders that you are doing well and to keep going and that NAIA is so competitive.”

MTN Sports: Taking first moved you to second in the NAIA, are you chasing first? If so, What steps are you taking to get there?

Krueger: “No, I'm not really chasing first, last year it was a big goal. You know, heading into Nationals at first, keep it, and obviously win a national title. But this year, I'm okay with sitting in second, maybe get nerves going in and then see what I can throw.”

MTN Sports: You’ve clearly had some amazing achievements already this season. But what part of the season are you most proud of?

Krueger: “I think overcoming [an injury]. I had a small injury with my hamstring earlier this year, and I wasn't sure how it was gonna play out. So just kind of being confident in knowing what I can do.”

MTN Sports: Did your injury happen while shot putting?

Krueger: “It was during practice, the first week of January right before we went to Bozeman for our first meet, so I was a little panicked about that.”

MTN Sports: You won the Indoor Shot put National Title last year, are you expecting a repeat this year?

Krueger: “I'm not really expecting. Like I said, I'm not really chasing anything other than maybe some big numbers. But just gonna go in and see what happens. Obviously, it'd be nice to win another title, but it'll be what it'll be.”

Krueger and the rest of the Carroll indoor track and field team will be back in action March 3 for the NAIA Indoor National Championships.