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Carroll College multi-athlete friendship sparks national qualifications

Brett Glaser & Lee Walburn hug after pole vault
Posted at 4:07 PM, Apr 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-29 21:03:32-04

HELENA — As the only two decathletes in the Frontier Conference, Brett Glaser and Lee Walburn spend much of their time together, pushing each other for NAIA Nationals at practice and at meets. Walburn is currently ranked 1st in the NAIA, and Glaser ranked 7th.

“It's, it's just totally different when it's just you and your training partner. It's just like a practice that you have to take like, really, really seriously. So I guess that's the biggest difference. It doesn't feel like a meet. It's like a practice that matters,” Walburn said.

The pair watches each other for tips, and motivation.

“Well, basically, we're training partners in everything we do. So like we live together, we run together and all of our event work is together. So like to train for each event, you get to like watch the other person and see what they do. And then it's very nice to have like that partner where you can work on something and then you see them try and do it. And then you like see what they did. And you try and do it. So it's really really lovely,” Walburn said.

“Just always pushing each other. It's nice to have him because he's normally ahead of me in the running. So I’ve always got somebody to chase, which is pretty nice," Glaser said.

Walburn took home the title in the decathlon last year at nationals, giving Glaser someone to look up to.

"I watched his marks and it's also nice to know, like, the kind of score I could get when I would hit that or if I can hit that. It's really just somebody to look up to. And it's nice to have somebody, like I said, to push you and make you better in every way possible."

Not only are the two teammates, but also friends who spend time bowling, fishing, and playing volleyball together outside of track.

The Saints hit the track next on May 7 for the Tom Gage Invitational in Missoula. Glaser and Walburn will compete in NAIA Nationals beginning May 25.