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Carroll College football undergoes goal-oriented bye week after week 2 loss to Tech

Posted at 10:49 AM, Sep 09, 2022

HELENA — Carroll College entered their bye week at 1-1 after they fell to Montana Tech in last Saturday's away game, but they are using this time to regroup and stay positive.

“You know if we won the game or lost the game we would come here. We're just coming off fall camp and our minds are playing our first game at Eastern Oregon at their place. Let's Go out and be the best we can be, keeping improving each day, set your individual small goal, you know, attainable goal, measurable goal for that day and then see if you reach it and then if you keep reaching those goals you're going to be a pretty good football player after 100-some practices and again just it's a you got to stay the course it's a long season you know and anything can happen and it all it wasn't it wasn't our day on Saturday and we just got to continue to get better and continue to improve,” head coach Troy Purcell said.

Though the 26-10 loss to the Orediggers wasn’t ideal for the Fighting Saints, there are some aspects of the game head coach Purcell wants to hold on to going into next Saturday’s game.

“Yeah, you know I think that the defense we kept Jet [Campbell] scrambling and and keeping them off balance a little bit I thought that was good and then but also you know, hats off to Montana Tech,” the head coach said.

Even after the offense's low scoring performance against Tech, Purcell feels the team will continue to gel and trend upwards.

“Just 11 guys on a positive you know, you have that one negative one and then you got a negative play and then you're behind the chains and then you got to work on it. We got to we got to be better in all positions. Young receivers got to step up, quarterbacks got to be better, offensive line got to be all on the same page and that's why offenses should gel and continue to get better as the season goes on because they're starting to get really learn to rhythm with each other. Yeah, no excuse I don't know, we got to get better, we had like 250 yards that game, but it's not enough you know, we gotta put some points on the board.”

The Fighting Saints will take on the Eastern Oregon University Mountaineers next Saturday at 1pm at Community Stadium.