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Carroll College football plays fearlessly in spring game

Posted at 1:28 PM, Apr 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-23 16:41:09-04

HELENA — Saturday morning at Nelson Stadium Fighting Saints spring football came to a close with their spring game.

Though there were no referees, or live punts the coaches were acting as if it were a real game.

“I thought the guys played hard and they play fast, you know, and that's one of the things play fast, play fearless. You know, when we're out here and, you know, the thinking needs to, you know, go to a minimum at this time you know what I mean and, and be able to react and be able to compete and I thought our guys did that I thought they played well. Very unfortunate with Tucker I think he hurt his hamstring a little bit, but it was a pretty clean scrimmage. Besides that, I think the officiating was garbage, you know, because us coaches did it. But it was, it was fun. It was a good day, a good way to end with good spirits and enthusiasm going into the summer. Daggett looked real good today,” Troy Purcell, Saints head coach said.

Carroll College wrapped up its spring football season with its annual scrimmage.

And though the players were definitely having some fun out there, they still performed to their best abilities.

“Defense definitely performed. They always do. We’ve got a great defense. The young guys on offense, on defense too, but especially on offense, are white group performed great. I love to see it. Older guys, we did our best but there’s always room to improve, and we will be,” Hunter Mecham, Saints offensive lineman said.

Carroll finished their fall 2021 season with a 6-4 2021 record, the Saints’ third consecutive winning season under Purcell. The Fighting Saints are scheduled to kick off their 2022 season Aug. 27.