Wyoming Cowboys squeeze in matches at Air Force

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Posted at 2:10 PM, Jan 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-18 16:10:53-05

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Wyoming wrestling team saw action on Sunday as a group of Cowboys competed individually at Air Force. The Pokes squared off against opponents from Northern Colorado, Air Force and South Dakota State. No team scores were kept for the event.

"The most positive thing about today was just the number of matches we were able to get. I'm thankful we were able to compete this weekend and see some conference opponents." Head Coach Mark Branch said "We had a few guys that really performed well today."

The 141-pound weight class would be a bright spot for Wyoming on the day having two Cowboys go 3-0 on at the weight.

After competing in the first meet of the season, Chase Zollmann returned to action and took care of business posting three wins on the day including a 9-1 major decision win over Rylee Molitor (SDSU). Zollmann also picked up wins over Bradley Bitting (AF) and Daniel Kimball (SDSU)

Freshman Darren Green was the other standout at 141 pounds also going 3-0 on the day. Green produced a lot of offense in his first two matches outscoring his opponents 21-6. Green would finish his day off with a hard fought 4-2 victory over Daniel Kimball (AF).

The third Cowboy to go 3-0 on the day was Cole Moody. Moody performed consistently well throughout the day winning each of his matches by at least four points. Moody's highlight win of the day was dominant 15-3 major decision victory over Kenny O'Neil (SDSU).

Job Greenwood went 2-0 on the day outscoring his opponents 20-5 in his two matches. Greenwood's wins would come over Garrett Kuchan (AF) and Trayton Anderson (SDSU)

Despite only competing once during the day, Brian Andrews would leave his mark posting a shutout 15-0 victory over Spencer Trenary (SDSU).

Brett McIntosh, Brendon Garcia and Tucker Tomlinson all recorded pins on the day, McIntosh tallying the fastest pin of the day for a Cowboy sticking Damen Pape (UNC) in 3:27.

Up next the Pokes will travel to Utah on Saturday, Jan. 23 for a three team event with host school Utah Valley and Pac-12 powerhouse Arizona State.


Chase Zollmann – 141 pounds

Zollmann (WYO) Major Dec. Rylee Molitor (SDSU) 9-1

Zollmann (WYO) Dec. Bradley Bitting (AF) 2-0

Zollmann (WYO) Dec. Daniel Kimball (SDSU) 4-2

Darren Green – 141 pounds

Green (WYO) Dec. Garrett Bowers (AF) 11-5

Green (WYO) Major Dec. Rylee Molitor (SDSU) 10-1

Green (WYO) Dec. Daniel Kimball (AF) 3-2

Trevor Jeffries – 141 pounds

Daniel Kimball (SDSU) Dec. Jeffries (WYO) 6-3

Jeffries (WYO) Dec. Bradley Bitting (AF) 5-2

Rylee Molitor (SDSU) Dec. Jeffries (WYO) 7-3

Gage Hockett – 174/184 pounds

Brock Jennings (AF) Dec. Hockett (WYO) 5-3

Cade King (SDSU) Dec. Hockett (WYO) 4-2

Hockett (WYO) Major Dec. Cole Phelps (AF) 14-3

Jacob Schoon (SDSU) Dec. Hockett (WYO) 6-1

Guillermo Escobedo – 184 pounds

Escobedo (WYO) Major Dec. Cole Phelps (AF) 14-2

Escobedo (WYO) Dec. Sam Wolf (AF) 8-3

Jackson Hemauer (UNC) Dec. Escobedo (WYO) 6-2

Jacob Wright – 157 pounds

Wright (WYO) Dec. Trey Brisker (AF) 4-1

Cade Devos (SDSU) Dec. Wright (WYO) 8-5

Cole Moody – 165 pounds

Moody (WYO) Dec. Johnny Blankenship (UNC) 8-4

Moody (WYO) Dec. Jacoby Ward (AF) 8-3

Moody (WYO) Major Dec. Kenny O'Neil (SDSU) 15-3

Logan Jensen – 157 pounds

Jack Thomsen (SDSU) Dec. Jensen (WYO) 6-4

Jensen (WYO) Major Dec. Trey Brisker (AF) 10-2

Tucker Tomlinson – 197 pounds

Casey Jumps (AF) Dec. Tomlinson (WYO) 6-5

Tomlinson (WYO) Fall (5:26) Garrett Henigin (AF)

Kayne Hutchinson (AF) Tech. Fall Tomlinson (WYO) 15-0

Brian Andrews – HWT

Andrews (WYO) Tech. Fall Spencer Trenary (AF) 15-0

Brendon Garcia – 125 pounds

Garcia (WYO) Fall (6:51) Graham Shore (AF)

Jace Koelzer (UNC) Dec. Garcia (WYO) 7-5

Daniel Vega (SDSU) Major Dec. Garcia (WYO) 10-2

Brett McIntosh – 165/174 pounds

McIntosh (WYO) Fall (3:27) Damen Pape (UNC)

Jacoby Ward (AF) Dec. McIntosh (WYO) 7-1

Jacob Svihel – 133 pounds

Jared Van Vleet (AF) Dec. Svihel (WYO) 5-3

Zach Price (SDSU) Dec. Svihel (WYO) 9-6

Trayton Anderson (SDSU) Dec. Svihel (WYO) TB- 4-3

Kevin Anderson – 165 pounds

Kenny O'Neil (SDSU) Major Dec. Anderson (WYO) 13-4

Colten Carlson (SDSU) Dec. Anderson (WYO) 9-4

Cooper Voorhees – 165 pounds

Jack Thomsen (SDSU) Dec. Voorhees (WYO) 13-7

Cade Devos (SDSU) Tech. Fall Voorhees (WYO) 21-5

Parker Simington (AF) Dec. Voorhees (WYO) 7-4

Darrick Stacey – 125 pounds

Cody Phippen (AF) Dec. Stacey (WYO) 6-1

Tanner Jordan (SDSU) Dec. Stacey (WYO) 5-2

Will Vom Baur (AF) Major Dec. Stacey (WYO) 12-3

Brooks Baker – HWT

Blake Wolters (SDSU) Dec. Baker (WYO) 7-3

Spencer Trenary (SDSU) Dec. Baker (WYO) 6-0

Blake Wolters (SDSU) Tech. Fall Baker (WYO) 15-0

Job Greenwood – 133 pounds

Greenwood (WYO) Dec. Garrett Kuchan (AF) 10-3

Greenwood (WYO) Major Dec. Trayton Anderson (SDSU)

Warren Carr – 149 pounds

Hunter Marko (SDSU) Dec. Carr (WYO) 7-2

Dylan Martinez (AF) Dec. Carr (WYO) 6-3