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Thompson Falls' Hayden Hanks committed to Boise State for football

Posted at 12:59 PM, Jun 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-09 15:13:33-04

THOMPSON FALLS — Thompson Falls' Hayden Hanks has been an absolute force on the football field for the Blue Hawks for the last three years. Now the 6-foot-4, 270-pound junior is committed to take his talents to the Mountain West Conference and play for the Boise State Broncos.

"When you got a guy that really is hungry and wants to hit somebody and really doesn't need a push left or right, he just wants to go get the ball, well that's what he is," said Thompson Falls head football coach Jared Koskela.

Hunger that’s never ending, as Hanks was in the weight room when he first heard back from Boise State after messaging multiple coaches.

"It was crazy, I was in the weight room lifting and then I saw my phone, I freaked out," said Hanks, who committed as a defensive lineman. "I went to coach Bucannon, and I was like, 'They might offer me,' so I was freaking out."

It took only a few messages exchanged before a call was set up later that same day that led to an official visit.

"When I was up there, they pulled me into the head coach's office and they said they wanted to offer me right there," said Hanks. "But they wanted to make sure cause we’re a small school that all my classes were NCAA approved."

Hanks didn't plan to pursue college, but the opportunity to play for Boise State opened that door to further his education.

"I was tearing up a little bit, it was me and my dad, and just all this work that I've done during the summer by myself down in this field, in the weight room and stuff, it’s finally paying off," said Hanks with a smile.

 Only a few weeks later Hanks announced his official commitment, proving a small-town kid can make it big.

"Every kid needs that dream," said Koskela. "You look at this small town and think Boise State's not touchable. Well now it is, and that's going to open up a lot of doors here."

And Koskela knows that Hanks drive will all but guarantee his future is nothing but bright.

"Once you see a kid commit, and he wants something really hard, that dream is just right there," said Koskela. "He made it happen, and he made all the grades work and it's like there is no ceiling for him, and I wish him luck."