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Helena High and Capital tackle the first day of football

Posted at 4:02 PM, Aug 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-12 19:52:48-04

HELENA — Friday marked the first day of football camp which means Montana high school football teams will be under the lights in just two weeks. Both Helena High and Helena Capital's squads are hitting the ground running with two-a-days.

“Everything's a little messy at first, because we're trying to see who's playing what, what's going on, but it's just fun to play football at the end of the day for us,” Capital defensive and offensive lineman, Talon Marsh, said.

Marsh is already committed to Montana State football, but has his eyes on this season.

“That's in the future. Right now. I'm just focused on coming out here with my friends and people I have grown up with and really trying to get going with them and have a good practice today. And then a good season moving forward,” he said.

Looking toward the season, Marsh is looking forward to younger teammates stepping up on the squad, specifically pointing to tackle Cole Dawes.

Over at Helena High this season brings change. They’re now being led by former Carroll College QB Dane Broadhead who was the assistant coach for the Bengals the past eight seasons.

Helena High and Capital tackle the first day of football

“I like Broadhead a whole lot. he's been my coach for four years now. So I've kind of grown on him and just started to love him,” Helena High defensive end, Dylan Christman, said.

The new season will also bring about new tactics for the Bengals as quarterback Kaden Huot has graduated and moved on to the Montana Grizzlies football team.

“His coaching style is definitely to run the ball or don't play the sport. So we're learning to run the ball a little bit more, since we don't have Huot, but we're getting it done,” Christman said.

Broadhead also has a "one day at a time" mindset, and is instilling it in his team.

“Just to win each game week by week? He doesn't necessarily care if we go to the playoffs,” Christman said. “I mean, we all care if we do, but he just wants us to get better every week and get good enough to go into the playoffs."

The Bruins will kick off their season with an away game on Aug. 26 against the Bozeman Hawks. The Bengals will take on Great Falls High at home.