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Great Falls CMR football fully embracing tech and data to gain edge

Posted at 11:09 PM, Sep 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-23 10:10:20-04

GREAT FALLS — Any time a team gets a new coach, growing pains will almost certainly follow as players adjust to the changes. But the hope for the Great Falls CMR football program is that some of the changes under Dennis Morris might make those growing pains shorter.

Fans at CMR games this year may notice a pair of TVs on the Rustler sidelines. Through the use of the performance analysis program Hudl, a handful of iPads and some well-placed cameras, CMR coaches and players are now able to sit down after a drive and immediately see what they did right or wrong to make adjustments.

"I was fortunate to use it in my time in Georgia, so for a long time I've known nothing other," Morris said. "And being an old offensive line coach, you get used to that and you want to see that film right now."

The instant feedback on Friday nights doesn't mean the regular Monday film session is gone. With Hudl, the Rustlers film and crunch data from all their practices, too, and Morris commended his coaching staff for embracing the extra work.

Players like senior lineman Tyler Marr see the difference, as well.

"It's awesome to have, especially this year where you can adjust on the fly as soon as you get off from that drive," Marr said. "It's really nice to have. You get correction from the coaches right away."

The TVs go on the road, so expect to see them in Billings next week when the Rustlers take on Billings Skyview. And while CMR might be one of the earliest users of the sideline TVs in Montana, Morris expects more will follow suit soon.

"If you're not using technology to its full advantage, then it's time to start," Morris said. "So if that gives us a little bit of an edge, we're going to take that little bit of an edge."