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'Getting guys to gel quickly' key to success in Bob Cleverley 8-Man All-Star Game

Posted at 1:18 PM, Jun 02, 2022

BUTTE — Brock Berryhill, Scobey's head football coach, recognizes the narrow span of time he has to prepare his team for this Saturday.

The head coach of the Red Team has a surplus of talent to work with but just five days to get them ready for their clash with the Blue Team in the 38th Bob Cleverley 8-Man All-Star Game at Alumni Coliseum on the campus of Montana Tech.

Kickoff is set for Saturday at 7 p.m.

"Getting guys to gel quickly together is the key to this whole thing," he said at a Wednesday afternoon practice. "The team that can get their guys to gel quicker is the team that's gonna have success on Saturday."

Mark Rathbun, Park City's head football coach who is leading the Red Team, concurred.

"Yeah it's definitely difficult," he said. "Especially the offense. Putting in plays and getting everybody on the same page. Everybody does something different."

For the coaches, there's a lot of game-planning and strategizing that'll go into Saturday's contest. For the players, it's about striking a balance between aiming for the win and soaking in the experience of suiting up in their high school jerseys one last time.

"The winning part really comes on Saturday," said Plentywood's Lane Wienke who will play center and nose guard. "This whole weeklong program should be mostly fun until Saturday comes and it's time to get serious and it's game time."




Jacob Johnson, Ennis
Kole Hill, Sheridan
Brand Ostler, Ennis
Leyton Wagner, Flint Creek
Trae Thilmony, Thompson Falls
Preston Smith, Darby
Avery Metesh, Flint Creek
Cooper Bradshaw, Clint Creek
Carson Varner, Victor
Silas Acker, Superior
Rye Brastrup, Joliet
Canyon Parks, Victor
Erik Strom, Thompson Falls
Charley Adams, St. Ignatius
Nathan Schraeder, Thompson Falls
Jacob Gauthier, Park City
Coyle Nagy, Charlo
Joseph Gilman, Sheridan
Samuel Konen, Twin Bridges
Andrew Robbins, Darby
Zakary McCormack, Sheridan
Braydon Zempel, Charlo
Kaiden Batzler, Sheridan.


Mark Rathbun, head coach, Park City
Jason Ostler, assistant, Flint Creek
Carson Oakland, assistant, St. Ignatius
Jered Koskela, assistant, Thompson Falls
George Warburton, assistant, Joliet



Carter McDowell, Simms
Jacob Remsh, Simms
Kanyon Taylor, Fairview
Teagan Jorgensen, Cascade
Drake Berreth, Chinook
Kyler Kempton, Culbertson
Tugg Taylor, Circle
Cameron Brusven, Plentywood
Toby Niederegger, Chinook
Brock Hanford, Fort Benton
Aiden Perkins, Culbertson
Josh Hammerly, Scobey
Colter Ball, Fort Benton
Erik Field, Westby-Grenora
Kyle Harmon, Chester-Joplin-Inverness
Timothy Lane, Fort Benton
Oskar Pula, Chinook
Turner Tooke, Ekalaka
James Kirkaldie, Culbertson
Tristin Skov, Fairview
Reese Wirtz, Plentywood
Colter Oie, Scobey
Michael Leach, Simms
Zachary O'Neill, Culbertson
Lane Wienke, Plentywood
Steven Schubarth, Simms
Cole Taylor, Scobey


Brock Berryhill, head coach, Scobey
Mike Jones, assistant, Chinook
Brian Manning, assistant, Culbertson
Derek Gackle, assistant, Fairview
Eric Dirk, assistant, Cascade
Clyde Ross, assistant, Fort Benton