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Eight players selected from Montana to compete in the Indigenous Bowl in Minnesota

Browning football
Posted at 7:04 PM, Nov 28, 2021

GREAT FALLS — Eight Native American high school football players from the state of Montana were selected to the annual Indigenous Bowl, where indigenous kids from across the country compete in an all-star football game designed to recognize their talents on the field and give kids a chance to travel outside their community.

“It opens up so many doors, opens up so many opportunities,” Browning head coach Jerry Racine said. “They get to meet so many people that will be able to help them, be in their corner and be a support system…so that's really what this game is about."

The roster will feature Montana players from Browning, Rocky Boy, Dodson, Harlem and Hardin who will get the chance to play with kids around the country and a chance to play at U.S. Bank Stadium, the home field of the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis.

“It has grown tremendously and everyone is behind it and it's gaining more and more ground with more and more people wanting to help and it truly is an amazing thing,” Racine said.

“I’m really happy their hard work is being rewarded,” Rocky Boy head coach Wade Colliflower echoed. “I’m very proud of our kids, it’s fun watching them realize their potential.”

The game is sponsored and put on by the 7G Foundation. with kids arriving Dec. 1, practicing at the University of Minnesota Morris before playing Dec. 5. The 7G Foundation has been instrumental in providing opportunities for indigenous students and athletes to help set them up for their future. The Indigenous Bowl, which Racine is involved in, is just one of the many events they help put on for young Native Americans across the country.

Below is the list of Montana players participating in the Indigenous Bowl:

Cruz Sunchild, Rocky Boy High School

Darrius Longknife, Harlem High School

Dwight Werk, Dodson High School

Jesse Carlson, Browning High School

Joe Demontiney, Rocky Boy High School

Justice Johnson, Browning High School

Keyon Braided Hair-Fisher, Hardin

Korral Packs the Hat, Hardin