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Butte High's annual purple-white scrimmage emphasizes young player development

Posted at 10:59 PM, Aug 23, 2019

BUTTE — Butte High's annual purple-white scrimmage was Friday at Naranche Stadium offering Bulldog fans a first look at the 2019 squad.

Aside from getting reps and fine-tuning things ahead of Butte's first game against Belgrade next Friday, head coach Arie Grey wanted his younger guys to get a "feel" for how the game-like atmosphere at Naranche is. Getting his less-experienced guys acclimated to true game-like situations is a crucial development in coach Grey's plan.

“Definitely understanding the idea, like, 'Hey guys, relax.' Like, that’s part of the deal," said Grey. "That’s what’s nice about the scrimmage for the young guys, they get that chance to relax a little bit. That’s one of those things where they’re like ... lights are on usually there’s more people here for their game than any games they’ve had in their lifetime.”