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Bozeman's Carter Ash, Kenneth Eiden provide one-two punch for Hawks

Posted at 11:11 PM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-19 21:26:48-04

BOZEMAN -- In the last game to be played in old Van Winkle Stadium, Bozeman's Carter Ash and Kenneth Eiden made final memorable moments inside their home stadium.

Ash had three interception and Eiden scored three touchdowns as Bozeman defeated Billings Senior 34-19 last Friday.

“I just felt confident and watched a lot of film," said Ash, who returned one of his interceptions for a touchdown against the Broncs. "(I try to) make big plays. … If that means getting beat a few times, that’s all right. Just playing aggressive.”

“I was just excited to be out there. Some of our buddies came back from last year -- Ryan Simpson, Kris Brown, some of those guys. It was fun to play in front of them again,” said Eiden, who plays tight end and defensive line.

The former stars in the stands provided a little extra motivation for Eiden. But for both Ash and Eiden, their star performances were the perfect way to shut off the lights one last time at the old stadium.

“There’s a bunch of history on that field, obviously with a lot of state championships, a lot of wins, a lot of losses. It was just really cool to be the last game to tie the bow on it,” Eiden said.

But three picks and three touchdowns doesn’t come as a surprise for this dangerous duo. Both expect great things from each other week in and week out.

“Every time Kenneth has the ball, there’s a chance that he’s going all the way. He’s a big guy, he’s tough to bring down, he’s also fast. And whenever he has the ball in his hands, something good is going to happen,” said Ash.

“(Ash is) nasty. He doesn’t let a guy off him, he’s always covering, he’s always where he’s supposed to be," Eiden said. "It wasn’t really a surprise to me that he got three picks. He’s probably the best teammate we have and the best player on the field.”

Ash and Eiden look to continue their success as they travel to face Billings Skyview on Thursday.