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Bozeman Hawks adjusting to new football stadium

Posted at 11:09 PM, Sep 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 14:02:38-04

BOZEMAN -- The Bozeman Hawks played their final football game at old Van Winkle Stadium on Friday and now they have officially moved to their new home across the street.

Tuesday afternoon marked the fourth practice that the Hawks have held inside their brand-new stadium. Bozeman is adjusting to the new change, even with the old stadium still visible over the fence. The new field comes with noticeable improvements: artificial turf, bleachers, locker rooms, a press box and even an improved sound system.

And the players couldn't be happier to make their new home a block away.

"I think everyone is really excited. We've been waiting all summer, all season for this. The energy is different out here," said senior Carter Ash.

"It will be really cool to see us on the turf field because a lot of the (Class) AA has a turf field now and I think it will be really cool for us to join that group of schools," said senior Kenneth Eiden IV.

The Hawks aren't taking their new stadium for granted, either: They understand the privilege they have to play inside it and who to thank for the opportunity.

"I think it shows a lot about the support for our program and the support for our school as a community and how we all came together to get the project done and get the money up front for it," said Eiden. "It's been really cool so far and it's been really cool to see the whole community come together to get it done."

The Hawks are on the road at Billings Skyview this week, so they'll play their first game in the new stadium on Sept. 27 when they host Great Falls High.