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All jokes aside, North looking to take 2nd consecutive Class B all-star football game

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Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 11, 2021

BILLINGS — It’s felt a bit like mid-August the past week or so with temperatures pushing triple digits. With this early heatwave, it’s only fitting the Class B guys are throwing on the football pads this weekend.

“Actually on the way driving, me and my teammates were talking about how it seems really weird that it’s June and we’re putting football pads on because we’ve got two-a-days tomorrow, but felt really good, feeling great," said Fairfield's Kolter Bouma.

It’s not all business this weekend, though. Athletes arrived on Wednesday and it didn’t take long for the pranks to start rolling in.

“It’s really kind of a tradition that the teams like to mess with each other. They left all of their doors unlocked and I went in there and stole their mattresses and put them in the lobby," said Cormac Benn, an all-star from Bigfork. "This one kid was so mad. He came down and he was like, ‘Who took our mattresses? I’m going to check the cameras, go find the camera dude.’”

The last time the all-star game was played back in 2019, the North pulled out a thrilling one-score victory over the South and currently holds a 16-15 advantage. Even with members of state champion Manhattan on the other side, the North is set on putting some separation in the all-time series.

“We’re out here working our butts off to make sure that we don’t let it become even," Bouma said. "We want it to become 17-15. Overall it’s just have fun but work hard.”

“Yeah, we’re having fun in practice, but in all seriousness we want to win that game," Benn added.

The all-stars will kick off at 11 a.m. Saturday at Lockwood Stadium.