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8-Man roundup: Drummond-Philipsburg, Thompson Falls to meet in state title matchup

Drummond-Philipsburg foorball
Posted at 5:47 PM, Nov 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-13 20:23:55-05

Drummond-Philipsburg 38, Fort Benton 22

FORT BENTON — A year ago, Drummond-Philipsburg was in the exact same situation they found themselves in for this year's semifinal game.

A matchup with the Fort Benton Longhorns to determine who goes to the championship game. With the Titans winning last year's championship, you can imagine this year's rematch was meant to be a good one. And it was just that.

Fort Benton got out to a quick 14-0 lead thanks to a few rushing scores from Colter Ball. The Titans came alive in the second quarter and put up 18 unanswered points before halftime. Quarterback Andrew Tallon ended with a few rushing scores of his own in the 38-22 victory.

"I think we have the best offensive line in the state," Tallon said. "It will be hard but I think we have what it takes to win another state championship."

Head Coach Jason Ostler knew what the Titans had to do to stop the Longhorns and they were able to do just that on a windy Saturday afternoon.

"I knew we had to stop the dive. The guys have been hearing it for three weeks now, but we'll have to do it again against Thompson Falls," Ostler said. "We got to stop the dive, but this group is all business all the time. They know what they have to do."

Drummond-Philipsburg will make one last road trip to Thompson Falls next Saturday for the 8-Man championship game.

8-Man scores

Thompson Falls 41, Park City 16