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6-Man All-Stars embody small-town, blue-collar lifestyle

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Posted at 3:03 PM, May 30, 2024

CUSTER — The 6-Man All-Star Game is set to take place in Custer on Friday evening. For most of the guys, it’s a bittersweet moment throwing on the helmet and shoulder pads for the final time.

“I loved playing football. It was always real fun in high school and it made high school go by way faster. The relationships you build with your teammates is special, so that's something I'll miss," Custer-Hysham's Trent Kuntz said.

While football is on the horizon for a few players this weekend, it’s straight to the workforce for some of the other guys. These small-town kids certainly aren’t afraid of a little physical labor, as many have spent time working on farms and ranches growing up.

“I've worked at the lumber yard in West Yellowstone — West Mart — for the past four years now. I'm good with working with my hands and I'm no stranger to hard work," West Yellowstone's Hayden Turner said.

“(It) brought me a lot of toughness throughout life. Working with cows and everything, you never know what you're going to have to do. Always being on your toes and always ready to do whatever you need to do," said Froid-Lake's Nate Stentoft.

"It's taught me hard work and lots of valuable lessons to bring through life. Persevere through things that may seem difficult but you can do it," said Big Sandy's Sam Cox.

It hasn’t been all football this week in the Custer metropolitan area, as the guys have had to find some ways to pass the free time between practices and meals.

“A group of us asked if we were 18, then we're like, 'Let's go to the bar and gamble.' So that's what we did, we decided to walk to the bar and gamble," Stentoft said. "(It hasn't gone) so well right now. I'm down 40 bucks."

Stentoft was quick to say Froid-Lake players have been on the winning side in three consecutive meetings and he doesn’t plan for that to change this weekend.

“It might be a little personal. I think it is," Stentoft said. "And they have the (Harlowton-Ryegate) kids. They're fast, really fast, but we beat them this year."

The 28th annual 6-Man All-Star Game will take place Friday night under the lights in Custer at 7 p.m.