Quarterback battle still under way at Montana State; Rovig shines in Spring Game

Posted at 6:03 PM, Apr 07, 2019

BOZEMAN — With spring football over, there still is no clarity about who is going to be Montana State’s starting quarterback come fall, but on Saturday head coach Jeff Choate said the guy under center who he thought commanded the offense the best was Tucker Rovig.

“I think it was a challenging day to go out and perform as a quarterback given the weather conditions. I think that’s the reality of it, so it’s very difficult to give those guys an honest evaluation,” Choate said. “I did think Tucker had the most command of the offense (Saturday) and moved the ball well when he was in with the (starters).”

“When we’re in the huddle you know he’s there,” wide receiver Travis Jonsen added. “You hear his voice all the time, he tells you the situation, he’s like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.'”

While Rovig may have been the guy to move the ball the best on Saturday, that doesn’t discount the talent and ability of Casey Bauman and Ruben Beltran.

“Casey has the arm talent, obviously,” Jonsen said. “He’s a big guy and can see a lot of things over the (offensive line), so he has a huge advantage. And, yeah, he really has a rocket — I don’t know how he does that.”

“Ruben, and I know it didn’t necessarily show (Saturday), he is a pretty accurate passer and a good decision maker,” Choate said. ​

“He’s grown a lot since last August and I’m happy to see that from him,” Jonsen added.

While all four quarterbacks were dressed out for the game, only three of them played. The missing guy was Chris Murray, who was the Bobcats’ starter two seasons ago. Choate didn’t comment on why he didn’t play.