Weather impacting Montana State Bobcats spring football

Posted at 11:21 PM, Mar 28, 2019

BOZEMAN – The spring weather hasn’t been kind to sports in Montana so far. The snow continues to fall and it has pushed back a lot of schedules, especially for the Montana State football team.

With the poor conditions outside throughout spring, the Bobcats haven’t been able to practice much due to poor field conditions and limited access to indoor space.

“Even though (Thursday) was technically on paper our fifth practice, this is really like our second practice today. We were really not able to get a lot done before spring ball. We had six practices originally scheduled before spring ball,” said Choate. “So really Tuesday was in a lot of ways our first practice.”

Even though expectations of how much could get done in spring ball fell a bit at the hands of Mother Nature, the players drive to make every practice opportunity count has spoken volumes on this team.

“Our kids attitudes have been phenomenal,” said Choate. “It’s no fun going out there at 6:30 or 7 o’clock in the morning, the winds howling, you’re looking and go, ‘Hey, it’s 32 degrees, that’s awesome!’ and you go out there and it feels like it’s minus-32 degrees. And I just really respect our kids attitude, their commitment to this program, their toughness quite honestly.”

There may still be a few hiccups in the weather, but the Bobcats plan to be back on the practice field on Saturday Mar. 30 leading up to their spring game on Apr. 6.