Coaching change enhanced recruiting for Montana State football

Posted at 11:09 PM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-07 15:49:07-05

BOZEMAN — Wednesday was National Signing Day where high school athletes all over the country penned their national letters of intent to play college football.

The Montana State Bobcats received 15 new commits, but head coach Jeff Choate made it clear the departure of Ty Gregorak and addition of coaches Bobby Daly and Kane Ioane didn’t put a halt to recruiting.

“(Ioane) got out and dug in with Kyle (Risinger) on these (defensive backs) and got to know them, and that’s going to be important because he’s going to be in the back end,” Choate said about new the new defensive coordinator.

“The great thing about (Daly) is, we actually have areas for him to go right into where he’s got connectivity,” Choate added. “I mean, he knew stuff about guys we were recruiting that we didn’t know and really it made me feel pretty good about (Daly), because I knew he was going to be detailed in that regard.”

But according to Choate, there’s no better recruiting tool than the former Bobcats themselves.

“There’s absolutely no substitute for having a former student-athlete sit in front of these kids and their families at your university. Why are they back here? Well, we’ve been telling you, man, this place is special, it’s unique. And they can really speak to that like no one else can,” he finished.