Missed chances doomed Montana State Bobcats in loss against Idaho State

Posted at 6:06 PM, Oct 28, 2018

POCALTELLO, Idaho – The Montana State Bobcats scored on their first possession of the game against Idaho State Saturday but then didn’t see a single point until two minutes remaining into the fourth quarter.

Many know about the offensive coaching changes MSU made earlier in the week, promoting Matt Miller to offensive coordinator, but the problem in Saturday’s 24-17 loss wasn’t play-calling; it was execution.

“I thought Coach Miller called a really good game,” said MSU wide receiver and senior captain Kevin Kassis. “It didn’t come down to any of the play-calling, it came down to us on the field. We made mistakes, and I thought Coach Miller put us in really good spot to have a lot of opportunities that we need to capitalize on the field. That’s what his job is to do, to set us up, and he did that.”

Execution was also difficult on third down for the Bobcats, who went 6-for-17 on their conversions Saturday as well as being 2-for-4 in the red zone.

This was a battle for their playoff lives. Even if Montana State wins out the rest of the season, it is still difficult to see a seven-win team making the playoffs. But it’s one game at a time for the Cats, and that starts back up next Saturday, Nov. 3 as they face Cal Poly at home at 2 p.m.