Montana State heads to Seattle for first NCAA tournament appearance in 24 years

Posted at 2:54 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2018-08-01 17:00:10-04

SEATTLE – The Montana State women’s basketball team started their day just like another, with an early morning practice…. but that’s where the same-old, same-old ended and they boarded a plane, bound for Seattle and their first NCAA tournament in 24 years.

But if they are feeling the pressure of this historic accomplishment, they’re not showing it.

“We’re here with Annika Lai of the Montana State Bobcats and I just want to ask you a few questions here today,” Margreet Barhoum said doing her best reporter impression. “How excited and how do you feel going into this next game?

“I mean I’m really excited I think it’s going to be a good experience for us and I think we’re ready to keep up our season and take it to Washington”, said forward Annika Lai.
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“ I don’t think we have nerves, yet,” laughed Barhoum. “I hope that they don’t come, but knowing it’s a sold out game, I mean, I think when we get their and see every seat in the house is taken I might sneak in a little bit more at that point.​

“Being on national TV,” MSU guard Delany Junkermier told us. “I mean ESPN2 will be really cool and having so many people there because we have three or four girls from Washington State. It’s basically like a home game.”

We’ve prepared them in advance as far as the extra media attention and extra media coverage,” said head coach Tricia Binford. “Boosters traveling with us, administration, all the different factors outside that are going to be a little bit new. And then try and keep everything else to be the same to be quite honest. We’re trying to just prepare like we would for any other game.

And with a handful of the players being from right here in Washington the team was in store for some good old fashioned Pacific Northwest hospitality.

“We’re just going to go over to the Barhoum’s house tonight for dinner and try and do something a little bit lower key and hang out and enjoy being in Seattle before we lock in for tomorrow”, said Binford.

We’re going to be with the team for the remainder of their run in the tournament and we’re going to have more for you tomorrow and of course Saturday.