Marty Mornhinweg’s 3rd annual QB camp rallies the best in the state

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-30 10:58:52-04

MISSOULA – Every year a Montana quarterback legend with tons of NFL coaching experience comes back to his old stomping grounds in Missoula to give a quarterback clinic to some of the best gunslingers in the 406.

“If they can pick up even one little thing that can help them in the future, then it’s 100 percent worth every ounce of energy that Joe Glenn and I put into it,” said former Griz quarterback Marty Mornhinweg.

It’s is now the third consecutive year that former NFL coach and former Griz quarterback Mornhinweg has come back to Missoula to coach up some of the best quarterbacks in the state.

“Last year, my first time coming here because I was in shock, he had Michael Vick here too. And it was crazy just learning from them and knowing how high they’ve gotten,” said Hamilton quarterback Carson Rostad.

“It’s really special for us to come out here in Missoula, Montana to be able to work with Marty,” Butte quarterback Tommy Mellott said. “I mean, it’s great, you can’t really get that anywhere. Especially for us being from Montana, we have very few chances for a lot of these things, so It’s really special for him to come to us and to put all this on for us and a great opportunity to get better today.”

“He brings different people every year and they’ve accomplished great things in football, and it’s great to have people with that experience come in, because they know a lot more than you. Just to go listen to them and get tips and pointers everywhere, so it’s pretty fun,” said Missoula Hellgate quarterback Rollie Worster.

And Mornhinweg isn’t usually the only one with great experience. Last year Michael Vick tagged along and this year another former Griz great, Joe Glenn, was in attendance.

“I was really impressed, there’s probably six QBs in here that have Division I potential that I would have recruited at other schools I been at. So keep an eye out for the high school teams in this area, they’ve got some talent, really good talent,” said Glenn.

We’ll see what the guys learned and how they’ll translate it to the gridiron in fall.

“Half the guys in the NFL come from small schools. If you are good enough and you keep at it and you really want to, you’re going to have some opportunities,” said Mornhinweg.