Jamar Akoh leads group of former Montana Grizzlies to 3-on-3 tournament win

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jun 05, 2019

MISSOULA – On Saturday and Sunday the first ever Bradshaw 3-on-3 basketball tournament tipped off in Missoula at Hellgate High School.

The tournament was open to all levels with a $500 team buy-in and $6,000 cash to the winner.

Former Montana Grizzly Jamar Akoh and his team even had to go up against his former teammates, such as Bobby Moorehead, but in the end Akoh’s team came away with the big check.

“It feels good man. This first tournament, to be a former Griz and come out here and win this feels pretty good,” Akoh said. “You know, I just needed some money to hold me over until I find a job, a professional job. So yeah, it’ll just be some cushion for me. It just depends on what my situation is. If I am in town or we can put a pretty good team together, I think we would like to come back and defend our championship.”