High-stakes 3-on-3 basketball tournament set to start in Missoula this weekend

Posted at 4:03 PM, May 31, 2019

MISSOULA — Montana might not be one of the top states known for producing Division I or NBA basketball stars, but a new 3-on-3 tournament with some incredible talent has found a home here in the 406.

Ryan Bradshaw of Bradshaw Media is hosting the first-ever Bradshaw 3-on-3 10K Tournament with some serious money on the line. The original cash prize was set at $10,000. However, due to the lack of teams because of the talent level, the tournament has decreased its first-year winnings to around $6,000.

With money on the line, that comes with some impressive talent, as well.

“There are former DI players from around here, former (University of Montana) basketball players and Montana State players. We have players that played at (Montana Western, Rocky Mountain College). There are former pro players,” said Bradshaw, the tournament director. “So, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be pretty competitive and I’m excited.”

The original announcement from Bradshaw Media is below.

My goal with this tournament is simple: Provide the biggest payout for a Men’s basketball tournament in the state of Montana. I love the game of basketball and want to attract guys that not only love the game, but also want to compete for big money!


1. Men’s open tournament. There are no divisions. This is open to any skill set, height, and age.

2. 32 teams to be accepted. $500 a team. Entry fee form is here:

3. 4 players max per team. Each team is allowed one back up player in the event someone is hurt, injured, or unable to play.

4. All games will be played on regulation size basketball courts at Hellgate High School in Missoula, MT. We have 4 full size half courts being used for all games.

5. All games will be scored by 1s and 2s. Each game will be 20 minutes long with a 24 second shot clock. First team to 25 wins the game OR the team ahead after the 20 minutes expires wins the game.

6.) All games are officiated by experienced referees. We have a head referee that is overseeing the integrity of the tournament as we want this to be very competitive, yet officiated fairly.

7.) Each team is guaranteed 4 games. Saturday June 1st will be a round robin format where each team will play 3 games. Sunday June 2nd all teams will play a single elimination tournament. Seeding for that tournament will be based on Saturday’s games. We will determine seeding based on your overall Saturday record and total points scored.

8.) For a complete list and rules breakdown please click this link:


**This tournament is going to be competitive, but also fun. We will be selling tickets to the public as well as having DJs, music, and other competitions that will be announced later on. **

Bring your best squad and we’ll see you there!!