Bobby Hauck makes a stop in Butte for Montana Grizzlies fans

Posted at 8:40 PM, Nov 16, 2018

BUTTE – Montana Grizzlies head coach Bobby Hauck made a pit stop in Butte Thursday night to meet up with old friends and family at the Grizzly Scholarship Associations annual coaches social. Griz fans from all over Butte packed the clubhouse at the Butte Country Club to see coach Huack and show their support for this weekends 118th Brawl of the Wild. The event also gave coach Hauck a chance to visit his roots.

“Well, it’s important for me, my family is from Butte, so I’m a multi-generational Butte person, and it’s always great to get back here,” said Bobby Hauck. “It’s good for me because I get to cut it loose with some old friends, this is where the roots are, so for me I always enjoy coming to Butte and it’s a lot of fun.”