Montana Grizzly football finishes up spring ready to move forward

Posted at 8:40 PM, Apr 15, 2018

MISSOULA – Over 6,000 fans came to Washington-Grizzly Stadium Saturday afternoon to watch the Griz take their final snaps of the spring.

The quarterback competition has been tight and transfer Dalton Sneed looked calm and composed one the very first drive. “I think it was just people being focused, being ready to come out. We started preaching that in the locker room, getting the lineman together, get our receivers together, get the whole offense in, ‘hey first play, let’s go. Let’s go march down the field and get it done’ and we just did that,” said Sneed. 

Coach Hauck returns after an eight-year hiatus and a lot of talk in Missoula has centered around getting the Griz back to their hard-nosed winning ways when Hauck was first here. Coach says expectations are high, but he expects that it will take more than a few months to redefine the culture on and off the field.

“It will be a multi-year project, I mean that’s just what it is. That doesn’t mean we can’t win games, but in order to do the things that we aspire to do around here? That evolution will be continuous over the next few years,” said Hauck. 

Hauck knows he has to be patient and his team echoed the importance of that, especially with the new coaching staff.

“We still have a long way to go, but I mean, it definitely does help start, new staff, new everything. So it helps us get a feel for how everything’s going to be, but it does feel good to get through this spring process and get a push towards fall camp,” said receiver Samuel Akem.