Montana State’s Jeff Choate sounds off on spring session, ‘glad it’s over’

Posted at 3:24 PM, Apr 08, 2018

BOZEMAN — Montana State head coach Jeff Choate isn’t a fan of spring football.

He addressed reporters following the Sonny Holland Classic on Saturday afternoon with plenty of thoughts both the event and the spring season itself.

“I think, in general, it was a pretty uninspired day,” Choate said. “The weather was good — that was nice — I’m going to be as frank as I can be, I’m glad it’s over. (We) didn’t really have a lot of aspirations, more than we’re obligated to do this.”

The Bobcats practiced in front of a few hundred fans for two hours, but kept the contact limited to avoid injury. MSU has already lost star receiver Jabarri Johnson for the season this spring. Every team plays a spring session, but Choate has been vocal about doing away with it.

“Really, we ended up with 12 practices out of 15,” he explained. “In the good ole days, where everybody kind of went home and did their thing for the summer (so) in the spring, we could have as many as 20 practices back then, it really made sense.”

With the changing landscape, the team handles its business in the summer. Choate didn’t set high expectations