MSU's Tommy Mellott inks NIL deal with HOLO Brand and The I Love This Life Foundation

Posted at 11:32 AM, Aug 24, 2022

BOZEMAN — 17-year-old founder and director of the I Love this Life Foundation and the Hope and Love (HOLO) brand, Luc Swensson, recently inked one of Montana’s biggest stars in a name, image, likeness deal, in Montana State University quarterback Tommy Mellott.

In a statement from the sophomore standout quarterback, Mellott said, “I remember struggling through high school as well…when I had the opportunity to talk with him and hear his story and his mission, I wanted to help anyway I could.”

“Being able to now have this door wide open to talk about the topics like suicide and mental health and being able to partner with Tommy on something like this is something that I think truly will allow more people to realize kind of what's going on,” Swensson explained.

With the NIL deal, Swensson and Mellott created a product and awareness campaign for the new 988 Crisis Hotline that encourages others to seek help while also being able to start more difficult discussions about mental health.

“Tommy is probably an inspiration to just about every kid in Montana,” Swensson said. “Hearing the fact that he kind of went through the same stuff I did at a younger age, it's truly inspiring to me.”

Through a twist of fate and family connections, Mellott and Swensson became partners. With both having gone through their own hardships and struggles growing up, Mellott became the perfect candidate to share a message of hope through the HOLO brand.

“Suicide is this huge topic that people don't want to talk about, and it's very relevant,” Swensson explained. "So the [Project] 988 is a message that I want to get out to people.”

Swensson currently resides in Boise, Idaho where he plans to finish high school and continue his messages of motivation and inspiration through his various non-profit endeavors. For more information on his foundation visit