Cody Graveley of Townsend tee's off at the 2018 State Class B golf tournament. (Photo courtesy: Kelly Morris Photography)

BOISE, Idaho – The Rocky Mountain PGA released a power statement on Wednesday afternoon requesting the Montana High School Association change the spectator golf rule that prohibits spectators from being allowed on the course during high school invitationals.

The Rocky Mountain Section of the PGA is responsible for golf in states like Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana, as well as Ontario, Canada. Also endorsing the change in the letter is the Pacific Northwest PGA chapter, which holds jurisdiction in Washington, Montana and Oregon.

The MHSA and the PGA pros in Montana must work together to put on high school-sanctioned golf tournaments.

However, that hasn’t been the case. In a survey conducted by the MHSA at the beginning of the year, 75 percent of MHSA member schools voted to keep the rule. In the same survey sent to all PGA pros in Montana, 31 of 34 responded in favor of opening up the entire course to spectators.

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In a story done by MTN Sports in February, some PGA pros feel they aren’t being taken seriously enough by the MHSA member schools.

Now the PGA in the Northwest is fighting back and even proposed their own spectator golf rule. To learn more about the rule change proposal and to read the entire statement by the Rocky Mountain PGA Section, please click the link below.

MSHA Letter Rule Change Proposal


  1. Great story and GREAT letter by the PGA!!! Thank you to CBS TV and to the PGA from all parents of junior golfers in this great state who want to watch our kids play.

    If you agree with the PGA that parents and college scouts should be able to watch our high school kids play golf, which is currently forbidden by the Montana High School Association, please go to and sign the petition. We are closing in on 4,000 signatures. Here’s the link: