A group of Missoula kids thought the best way to ring in the new year was by going fast down the hill. (PHOTO:MTN Sports)

MISSOULA – These athletes may not win any medals for what they’re doing, but that’s not stopping them from enjoying the slopes near the University of Montana golf course. In this week’s Youth Sports Spotlight we slide down the hills, sled-style.

There’s no particular art to sledding. Some go stomach-down, some use their knees. Others still prefer the traditional sit-down method. There’s no wrong way to hit these nasty slopes, as long as you’re having fun.

Ben Cohen is new to sledding – he grew up in Texas, and this is his first Montana winter. So far, he’s enjoying it.

“The snow getting in your face and going really fast, it’s super fun. It’s, you feel like you’re going so fast and the snow going in your face, and it’s really fun,” said Cohen.