#5. Torgerson’s wicked spin move

Starting at number 5, we begin with Helena and Great Falls High, just look at Kyle Torgerson’s move, on his defender oh my! Bison get the win too.

#4. Curry and VandenBos decide playing futures

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Now we go to number 4, Valier Panthers signing day. Colten Curry and Trevor VandenBos have decided where they will play. Oh Curry decided to head down south to be a Griz just like his dad. VandenBos choose Montana Tech, they’ll make their fans so glad!

#3. Bozeman takes down undefeated Sentinel in FIVE overtimes!

At number 3, at number 3, girls basketball. Bozeman playing undefeated Missoula Sentinel Sentinel. Overtime overtime, this one would go to five! But then Ayla Embry put the Hawks up on a nice lance drive. Bozeman with the crazy last minute win at the end.

#2. Jamie Pickens, the shot blocker extraordinaire

Now we move to number 2, number one is around the bend! Oh Helena and and Great Falls high, girls basketball some more, Jamie Pickins blocks Erin Hocker, sends the ball flying down the floor. Oh what a play, what a play, from the future Griz star!

#1. Zach Schacht brings the house DOWN!

But the play from Central vs. Skyview is the best one by far! Look at this pass, look at this pass Jeremiah Warner to Zach (SHOT) Schacht. That is called great teamwork he was in the right spot! That is called great teamwork, we was….in…the…right…spooootttttt!!!!!!!