LOS ANGELES – Wildfires continue to burn through southern California neighborhoods. And they also ruined the night for the Grizzlies.

Montana’s men’s basketball game scheduled at UCLA Wednesday night was canceled because one of those fires is burning only a few miles from the UCLA campus. The Griz had already arrived in California on Tuesday. And while they understand why the decision was made, head coach Travis DeCuire admitted he feels like his team missed out.

“A little disappointment,” said DeCuire on Wednesday afternoon. “It’s an opportunity to bring some guys back to LA, (junior guard) Mike Oguine and (junior forward) Jamar Akoh obviously being from southern California. It’s actually our one crack this year at a top 25 team. So we’ll see what happens. If we can find a way to match our schedules and still make it happen, we look forward to that. But we just haven’t gotten that far down the road yet.”

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DeCuire added that it will be hard to reschedule the game because the holidays and conference play are looming just a few weeks away.

Instead of playing a big game, Montana practiced Wednesday afternoon. And now they turn their attention to Saturday’s game at Georgia State.